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Welcome to our family

As you join our community, we consider you part of our extended family. Your home becomes our priority, treated with the same care as our own. Our sole aim is to ensure the best for your short-term rental property, striving for your satisfaction with the returns it yields.

"Remember if its not occupied there is no charge"

Process of onboarding

After you've reached out to us, we strive to get in touch via call or email within 24 hours. Our aim is to discuss your needs and explore ways to collaborate on our ideas and visions. If you're satisfied to proceed, we'll schedule a convenient time for a complimentary evaluation of your property. During this visit, we'll delve into suggestions to enhance your short-term rental.

Within the following 7 days, expect a comprehensive report via email. This report will include a projected estimate for the upcoming 12 months and a list of recommended items to optimize your property for maximum returns. Should you require any of these items, we're able to facilitate their purchase.*

Upon receipt of a completed and signed contract, our skilled photographer* will visit your home to capture stunning images. These images will then be uploaded onto our booking platforms to finalize your profile. Our goal is to complete this entire process within 1 month from the receipt of your completed contracts.


*Please note, any additional purchases made by us will be invoiced directly to you for payment.

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